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Statement From Birds Euroshow On Decision To Close Family Funfair In Tralee

BIRDS Euroshow has closed the family funfair in Tralee despite putting in place rigorous new measures to protect staff and customers from contracting Covid-19, while operating safely in a strictly controlled environment.

The decision to close the event a week earlier than scheduled was made following the garbled messaging from the government and the absence of updated operational guidelines for business owners.

Furthermore, requests for clarification on the status of our business were not acknowledged by the Department of Health.

Despite the most challenging circumstances, which were compounded by confusing messages from those in power, great efforts were made to stage a safe family event at a venue where social distancing and protective measures were implemented and maintained.

Some Government decisions that may be designed to minimise the threat of the virus are actually placing businesses, including ours, in serious danger of total closure.

The management and 27 staff of Birds Euroshow wish to thank the customers who visited the family funfair in Tralee over the past week and we look forward to returning in the future.

We understand the seriousness of the current pandemic and in closing our gates in Tralee, we hope that this will move the spotlight onto the safe reopening of school gates everywhere. Please stay safe and protect each other.